Painting light

My starting point is Nature, my inspiration is Light and my endpoint is a particular feeling that I seek to recapture and hold in paint. Approached like this, the painting process becomes a meditation. When I first taught myself to paint in oils, just over a decade ago, I could hardly decide what my core subject was, so diverse were my preoccupations…until I realised that the Light itself was stringing it all together!

I am also a synaesthete, which means I experience sensory cues in an entirely interchangeable way; colour and emotion (for instance) being without barriers for me in a way that inevitably informs my art.

Recapturing experiences I have had in paint often takes  me into the realms of fantasy; a dream-like recollection of “places” visited in my most joyful, harmonious and pain-free moments. There is no coincidence that my art-journey has accompanied my incredible journey of recovering from chronic health issues, enabling me to heal and regather myself to the point where I now feel more whole, balanced and at peace than at any other time in my life. It has been commented many times that my paintings feel like a portal into another dimension and that they hold healing and transformative qualities; an energy of great tranquility and wellbeing.

This space is intended as much more than just a platform for my own artworks and, in it, I expect to share thoughts about modern art culture and the art process in general. This includes aspects of my own journey as I have sought (and sometimes struggled…) to acquaint myself with the process of producing, exhibiting and selling art whilst remaining true to my deepest calling, which is to share around the Light that I paint.

My most recent work and up-to-the-minute news can be found at Painting Light and my full portfolio, along with much more information about my journey and my painting process, can be found on the Helen White website.

Helen White 2016

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