Shakti dance

When the feminine unfolds from winter’s tightest bud, she arrives without fanfare. Rather, she unfolds herself softly, tenderly yet with such high effect and beguiling rhythm, such blaze of colour and so very much light.

Shake Dance blossom paintingOut of winter’s gnarled woodiness, the protective coat of hard necessity and long awaited “perfect timing”, springs this gauzy fabric best designed for holding light; such is the contrast between what is birthing and what came before. Transparency comes with vulnerability…yet the more transparent she can be, the more light she holds onto, to work with (she knows this); so timing is all and yet…at some point, she takes that leap into the unknown; for she must. “What if’s” have no place in this dance; she must leap or miss her moment…so she does that very thing (earlier than ever, this year)…and Spring happens. Then, what a dance unfolds; one in which others quickly join, emboldened by seeing how she is spinning and amplifying all the available light in the air, making more light than we ever thought was possible…because we had forgotten through longest winter. This is how Spring “happens”…to cherry trees and to us.

Celebrating the tender boldness of long-awaited springtime, this new  oil on canvas is now available on (showing at Venue 10 of the Henley Art Trail 30th April – 2nd May 2016).

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