Painting light

The Yellow Window
The Yellow Window

Whilst my subjects are quite diverse, I tend to regard myself as a painter of light because it is always there and is, probably, the one thing that most people notice first…that most elusive of subjects and the preoccupation of my life’s work.

My particular fascination is with capturing the most fleeting moments of beauty; those where a particular light (and time itself) seem as though poised to make their next move yet held motionless in a still and centred void. I particularly love to capture those moments when light is held suspended in billowing curtain or the most delicate flowers, when the edges of solid things seem to dissolve into particles and the subtlest nuances of colour and composition conspire to lift our spirits skyward, though we hardly know why. I like to think that, by painting these moments, I manage to sustain them for longer or, you could say, enable them to be drawn out…and drawn upon…at times when they are most needed.


My greatest hope is that my art might serve to uplift, inspire or even transform the lives of those who come across it in the same way that the act of painting has utterly transformed my own life and perspective.

This is a brand-new blog; a home just for sharing my art and its processes as new work appears. You can see my full portfolio of work, which ranges from floral and garden themes to architectural subjects, portraiture and landscapes, on my Artist Website or, to get a broad-brush feel for my work, simply take a look around the sample of work picked out for the Portfolio here in this blog.

To discover more about my art-journey, other interests, blogs, photography, writing and social links, you can take a look at the the section (right) and to contact me to enquire about the availability of work, use the Contact page or comment section below – I welcome (and look-forward to) your feedback.



Portrait of a Girl - Blossoming
Portrait of a Girl – Blossoming

Helen lives in a semi-rural corner of beautiful Berkshire, UK with her husband, daughter and Rhodesian Ridgeback and has exhibited in a whole range of galleries and exhibitions in the UK and further afield since becoming a full-time artist almost a decade ago.

Her journey as an artist has run in parallel with her recovery from fibromyalgia and myofascial pain syndrome and the partnership between her art and her health-journey has been extremely profound (something she talks about when wearing her other hat as a writer).

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