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Creating from the place in the middle

It feels like there is a leading edge thing going on where art and technology meet. They both pull me together and repel me, in equal proportions; the repellant part where I am having to revise processes that are stuck in old grooves and entrenchments formed around ideas of what they were devised for and oh-so many misgivings about what I am now doing and why. For it’s a place where I am truly faced with not knowing what I am doing; with all the incumbent loss of “comfort zone”, even identity. Yet I know I am on the way to something new…straddling a breach, one leg in each place. I to and fro across that gap, making and losing ground in small increments to the rhythms of my ebbing and flowing inspiration. The oscillation of this motion feels like breathing…like a breath of fresh air where I was beginning to feel deathly stale before…(read on).

The marriage of art and space

It was just a little bit magical to find butterflies “fluttering” inside the vast spaces of the abbey I know so well when I visited Bath yesterday, like a potent metaphor made manifest. Their colour and variety seemed to flutter new life into torpidity, as though the leaden religious narrative of so many quite massive stained glass windows had been exploded into shards then grown wings before hitting the ground…

"Pandora" pre-Raphaelite painting JD Bitten

Out of the box

A painting discovered chained up in a basement…and a story so synchronistic with my own that I feel like I have uncovered the inner Pandora of an age…

Helen White

Spilling over the edges

The beauty and gentle power of falling water speaks for itself; anything that holds that much light, anchoring it to the earth, is an agent of radiant momentum and the most uplifting, dynamic kind of enlightenment, bringing this aspect in to the world by enchanting, relating to and engaging with others. This, to me, is the feminine aspect at work in the world…